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Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing

Today’s business is getting increasingly global, while the boundary between functions is dissolving. Business Intelligence (BI) is getting increasingly merged with processes to provide an integrated user experience. From being the prerogative of only the top management a few years ago, BI today is all pervasive, aiding executives to fine tune strategies at the operational level.

Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing solutions can enable easy access to data in a readily usable slice and dice format. This provides a sound rationale for many customers to implement a Business Intelligence/ Data Warehousing solution. However it is important to understand the IT landscape of a customer which comprises of disparate data sources and legacy systems before embarking on any initiative.

With industry knowledge and expertise, we provide our clients the architecture, processes, technologies and tools needed to turn raw data into meaningful information. We help you optimize business performance and drive business results through transformation of your enterprise into a one that is agile, efficient and adaptable. Our services equip you to make better decisions by easily adapting to your environment. Our state-of-the-art business intelligence capabilities and resources help to provide you effective financial decision support, maintain predictive insights and adhere to various regulatory and compliance policies.

Project and Deployment Methodology at Invensys Pro Inc.

Our Business Intelligence services team brings to the table the necessary industry and system knowledge to minimize your project risk and implementation costs, while delivering maximum value to your organization.

As a core part of this process, our consultants employ the following proven, six-stage implementation methodology:


Identify Business Intelligence objectives and associated benefits, then measure these objectives and benefits against projected implementation costs.


Create data structures and reports that support the defined information goals.


Define the scope of the Business Intelligence project, including hardware and software infrastructure, and business processes


Constructing and Developing the System which works best for your business specifications and needs.

Business Analysis

Define project requirements-from data analysis and application prototyping through to metadata.


Test and roll out the system to the organization.